Savvy Penguin Studios is a Philadelphia-based web design studio focused on solving the internet puzzle for small to medium-sized businesses.
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Savvy Penguin Studios
234 Bryn Mawr Ave, Ste 101
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Savvy Penguin Studios - Web Design & Online Marketing - Philadelphia
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We are an elite group of talented, creative, innovative & imaginative web designers focused on providing small & medium-sized businesses with web sites that deliver results. We don't employ un-original design templates, and our sites aren't littered with unnecessary, unwieldy code; we simply deliver clean-looking, lightweight site designs that will "wow" your visitors.

Many web designers suffer from lack of perspective; either they're fabulous artists, but woefully inept at technology; or vice versa. At Savvy Penguin, we excel at all facets of the design process. Our marketing savvy delivers functional, usable sites that customers will enjoy visiting. Our technological expertise covers a vast array of new and emerging web authoring technologies. And our eye for stellar design techniques offers a myriad of artistic opportunities for our clients.